This afternoon I was choosing pictures from my vast collection of photographs for a few Calendars I am having printed to give away as gifts this Christmas. It’s so hard to figure out what to give people like your Mom & Dad and Grandparents for Christmas, when I fell upon the idea of creating a Calendar from my photographs. I know they would really appreciate that, I just hope it gets delivered in time because I have, as ever, left the good idea a little late.

Anyway, while looking for a suitable Christmas picture for the month of December I was going through my pictures from the last four Christmases that I spent in America. Lots of them made me smile, including a few that features people that I know a few of you here will recognize. I decided I’d share this little montage with you.

Order of Pictures from the right:
Boston :: Vermont :: Boston
Boston :: Texas :: Texas
Texas :: Boston :: Boston
New Hampshire :: New Hampshire :: Gloucester (Mass)
Texas :: Boston :: Dallas (TEX)

An American Christmas -Short movie by me
Meanwhile : Going home for Christmas
Meanwhile : 4000 miles to Christmas