So I just went to the cigar shop next to my temporary office here in Portland (the temporary office being the Portland Coffee House) and asked if they had any menthol cigars.

The look I got was like “WTF?” It reminded me of snobby independent record shop clerks in Liverpool, and the way they would sneer at anything ever purchased from them.

“Menthol cigars?” Said the clerk in a superior way that forewarned me that I was about to get ripped apart by cigar shop snobbery.
“Yeah, I bought some in the summer and I liked them.”
“You didn’t buy them here though did you now.”
“Well no, but..”
“See that’s kuz we don’t sell cigars for pussy’s.” Said the clerk laughing with his coworkers at my expense. I can take a joke, so I respond.
“Well I don’t really smoke but..”
“What you eat them?” More in laughter among the coworkers
“No I smoke them but I actually don’t smoke.”
“Well what the hell are you doing smoking pussy cigars then?”
“It was nice.”
“It was a menthol cigar, would you drink a menthol beer?” More coworker laughter.
“Well no, but sometimes I like to smoke a cigar, you know, when there is a cigar moment.”
“A menthol cigar moment no less.” More laughter
“Well, clearly you don’t sell them, do you know anywhere that does?”
And then a voice from a back room shouts “Try a gay bar!” to which the entire shop collapses in laughter which I will admit was quite funny, even though the joke was at my expense.

At this point I made my excuse and left.