My grandma has been sick for a while and in hospital for a couple of weeks. Things were looking much better for her. But now my granddad has contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from visiting her in hospital. Doctors have said the outlook is fairly grim for him.

In short, he could die as a result of visiting my grandmother in hospital!

He was a fairly healthy 84 year old guy until he visited his wife in a hospital ward. That is so maddening. He’s on oxygen and all kinds of monitors. My grand parents have always been around. The reality of the fact that they won’t be here for much longer has never been more apparent.

The thing is, that my grandma made herself really sick by not telling anyone she was ill because she didn’t want to go to hospital. We all got mad about that, but then I thought about it and about the fact that they’ve watched friends go to hospital sick and never ever come home again. So for them at their age a trip to hospital is a terrifying prospect because I suppose they fear it might be their last trip.

I never considered the possibility that it actually might be.