So I am once again in America. I landed in Seattle on Friday. The usual red tape applied with customs, immigration and all, but a new addition was President Bush’s latest advance in T.W.A.T (The War Against Terror), the new ‘treat everyone who isn’t American like a criminal and piss them off so as to seal their dislike for the US authorities’.

Basically I, a British citizen and an ally of the (not very) United States, now have to be finger printed, iris printed and photographed like a criminal when I enter this country. My own government isn’t even allowed to do this, but President Bush somehow thinks he has the right to treat me like a criminal, and not tell me what will happen to that data that he forced me to hand over.

I feel utterly violated by the Bush dictatorship on this, enraged at how he imposes his stupid rule of fear onto a visitor from a friendly ally nation. But if I want to see my friends her in the (not very) United States then I have to allow myself to be violated in this way, and allow the unknown authorities to take this data and add my information to their new world order. It is a disgrace and seriously pisses me off.

Americans – wake the fuck up will you!!!! If you allow your ‘leader’ to continue to upset everyone in the world, seemingly with your blessing, then don’t be surprised when more and more people in more and more countries start to hate you all with a passion as unreasonable as your fear of them!

I wish that Blair had the balls to levy American visitors to the UK with a immigration fee of $100, plus a fingerprint, iris scan and photograph. That would please me no end. Start hitting Mr Average Joe American where it hurts because then maybe he’d start taking an interest in affairs outside of the world CNN spoon feed him between commercials!

I saw a great big bill board near Sea-Tac airport that was advertising READY.GOV. It said something like ‘Don’t be scared, be ready.’ But that in itself is just another way to inject more fear into the dumbed down masses in an effort to convince them that if someone isn’t a republican flag waving ‘God Bless America’ American, then they are a possible terrorist. It makes me want to start a website called!

Grrr!!! It makes me so mad!!!!

Still, God bless Bush for so badly screwing up Americas economy that my money is now worth LOADS more than ever before. I went out today and spent over a thousand dollars on computer stuff I needed for work. Stuff that thanks to Americas ailing economy, effectively cost me half as much as it would have in the United Kingdom.

However, after watching American television for a little while this evening I don’t suppose I can blame the nation for becoming insular and ignorant. CNN world news covered lots of America, a bit of ‘God bless our boys in Iraq’ and almost bugger all news from anywhere outside the world that is America.

I love this country, I really do, but sometimes it feels more like lusting after a dumb blonde pinup than love. As Josh Ritter says “I’m trying hard to love you, but you don’t make it easy babe.”

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