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February 2005

MusicSunday, February 20th, 2005, (3:44 pm)

I’m not a big Johnny Cash fan, indeed I don’t really know much about him or his story. But I recently saw the video for his cover of a Nine Inch Nails song ‘Hurt’.

The song performed by him is amazing when you consider that he knew this would be his last video ever. Within just a few months of filming this, both Cash and his wife (seen in the video) were dead.

It’s quite powerful and symbolic and makes me more curious to learn about the man who to some is nothing short of a musical legend.

[Video] Hurt : Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash official website

GeneralWednesday, February 16th, 2005, (9:56 am)

Most of you have probably heard of, the site that allows you to release a book back into the world by leaving it somewhere, then trace it’s onward journey via the internet. So far they have nearly two million books registered and a quick look at my local area shows that a book was released just 9 minutes ago a a nearby train station!

Well on the same theme of books I found (online) an interesting store in Baltimore called ‘The Book Thing’. started some six years ago by a guy called Russell Wattenberg, the book thing is a giant store that gives away books to anyone for free!

Wattenberg motivation is simple “What I try to do is take the books from people who don’t want them and give them to people who do want them. There is some selfishness involved, because I figure that if everyone reads a lot there’ll be more people to have intelligent conversations with.” He says.”I hate seeing good books that people can use in boxes in people’s basements or collecting dust on shelves; especially when there are people who don’t have the money to buy a new book or ready access to used books.”

‘The Book Thing’ was started when Wattenberg was managing a local Baltimore Pub. He started by giving away some old books to a group of school teachers who used to visit his bar for Happy Hour on Fridays. pretty soon word spread a people were soon donating books at his bar saying “This is for your book thing.” Hence, The Book Thing of Baltimore, Inc.

I really like both those ideas, and both are very similar to ideas I had when dreaming about starting my own little coffee house called ‘PoshCoffee’. Maybe one day I’ll do that.
The Book Thing (Baltimore)
Wahington Post article about ‘The Book Thing’

Found on the web and MoviesTuesday, February 15th, 2005, (12:19 pm)

A couple of links for you to check out. We’ll start with the funnies first. Classic films re-enactments from the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe! They’re quite amusing little flash movies in which bunnies with high pitch voices re-enact a film in a compressed 30 version. My favorite is Titanic, but others on offer include The Shining, The Exorcist, Jaws, It’s a Wonderful Life and Scream.

It’s a wonderful life
The Shining

GeneralMonday, February 14th, 2005, (8:31 am)

Far be it for me to rain on anyone parade, or take away from the gooey feeling of those who are in love, lust or any other state that drives someone to do something ‘romantic’ on February the 14th, but Valentines Day really does SUCK!!

It’s a day invented by card and gift companies to boost revenue in the slow period after Christmas. They couldn’t have in in January because most peoples bank balance is barely recovering from Christ’s knock out blow, so they stick it slap in the middle of February, just in time to kick start the year.

Sure it might be a cynical viewpoint, but you don’t have to look far for the evidence that Valentines day isn’t as much about ‘lurve’ as it is about making money. Flourists send the price of red roses into orbit, while shops pack their windows with all manner of cheap and nasty red things to try and relieve you of some hard earned cash. In the same way that Christmas isn’t really about Christ, Valentines day isn’t about love. It’s about ‘you better get her something or you’re in the dog house!

If you’re single then it can go either way. You might save money because you don’t have to go out and buy something for someone (yet another teddy bear with a red ‘I love you’ T-Shirt, and more overpriced chocolates in a red heart shaped box). Or maybe you’re a dizzy romantic (read ‘keeping your options open’) and so you now have to go out and buy several cards, teddies and chocolates for all those special people in your life.

I’m not averse to being romantic and showing someone you love them (or at least want to sleep with them), but I object to being backed into a corner to do so. I’m much more of a believer in doing this kind of thing when YOU feel so inclined. The response when unexpected is usually much better too! But the problem with Valentines day is that, like Christmas, your giving isn’t done necessarily because you really want to, but because it’s expected of you. And while your ‘significant other’ may share your opinions about the ugly commercialisation of February the 14th and how much of it is little more than a thinly veiled opportunity to make money, you’d better not choose this year or this person to make a stand against the insincerity of Valentines day.

Be my Anti Valentine
Christian sex (You can sometimes do it in the morning too – Woohoo!!!)
Purity Day – P-Lease!
True Love Waits (and ‘cashes in’ in the meantime)
Official ‘Day of Purity’ website
Animated KamaSutra (A very strange site indeed!)
HBO (Just to offset all this purity stuff)

Faith & ReligionThursday, February 10th, 2005, (12:41 am)

I have trouble with organized religion. I like to think of myself as an open minded person, but organized religion seems to want me to close my mind so much. For every answer I have another question, and for every question I have someone else grows bored of hearing me ask.

How can it be faith if doubt is removed? When the lines of truth have gotten so blurred with hundreds of years and who knows how many hidden agendas, how can a truth told be simply taken in faith?

Jesus came here to set people free, but the Christian Church seems more divided and wrapped up in rules than EVER before, and of course Christianity is just one of the many ‘truths’ available to you out there in the supermarket of spiritual fulfilment.

I wonder if God is a religious man? I hope not!

GeneralWednesday, February 9th, 2005, (6:27 pm)

America disappeared a little further up its own butt today when the Virginia state house voted to outlaw the trend of wearing pants so low that underwear is visible. According to a BBC news story delegates said the habit was “coarsening” society. Of course it’s no great surprise to learn that the bill is largely supported by republicans who feel that having saggy pants will drive America into a pit of depravity full of nipples and boxer shorts no doubt.

It hardly seems like a good use of tax payers money and police time to have cops handing out tickets to people who commit a fashion offense. How many of us should have been arrested for some kind of fashion Faux pas in the past. take this law back a few years and one wonders if hippy’s would have been bought into line and told to wear blue suits of something. While the fashion in question is, in my opinion, ridiculous, is it not the right of a free person to choose whether or not to wear something that makes them look like an idiot? Taking the path of fashion policing might end up with some questionable results. The banning of long hair on men, low tops on women, etc etc.

It’s just another great day in the land of the free I guess.

Fines for ‘droopy drawers’ backed

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