I’ve taken loads and loads of pictures this year, that was up until my camera died a couple of weeks ago. You’d think I’d have a back-up camera too, but they always meet unfortunate ends (most recent back-up cameras exits were by bug spray and another by airport baggage handler). So this week my camera begins it’s journy to Chicago to be repaired, and I’ll have to buy another new camera when I’m in Portland next month.

Anyway, because I’ve been so busy this last few months, I’ve not really been able to sort out my recent photography properly. I have well over 1200 pictures to sort through and it’s becoming one of those doomy tasks that get worse and worse the longer I leave it. In fact, I should go through my entire archive and start chucking out the low resolution stuff from years ago that is either no good for print, or just rubbish.

Just a couple jumped out at me today, so I thought I’d share them as they’re along the same kind of theme as one another. The first (above) was taken in August at the South Stack lighthouse somewhere way out on the west coast of the Isle of Anglesey. (I should post the pictures I took of the lighthouse at some point too.)

The second (below) was taken last week at a hotel in Liverpool called the Adelphi. It’s a huge hotel that once was probably one of the grandest places to stay in the North of England. But sadly, these days, it can’t compete with other smaller more modern hotels and as a result it has fallen into a state of not disrepair, but perhaps dishevelment.

About the South Stack lighthouse, Anglesey.
About the Adelphi hotel, Liverpool.