I’ve discovered the cure for jetlag and it’s alcohol and karaoke!

So I’m back in the UK and feeling pretty good all things considered. Usually the jet lag is awful, but I think I have found the trick. The night before you are set to leave go out with friends to an Irish bar drink Guinness mixed with hard cider, then have a Tequila then chase that with beer. Karaoke may also be a requirement. A fairly merry rendition of ‘If you wanna be my lover’ by the Spice Girls could indeed be a part of the cure too. Sing that with two friends while the girls in the bar take lots of pictures with their camera phones – and you know that by morning you’ll wish you hadn’t done that!

The bar closed at midnight but we weren’t tired, so we stayed out till nearly 4-am then I had to get up a little before seven! I took Anne to work so I could borrow her car and do some errands I needed to get done. By later that afternoon I was SO TIRED! The transatlantic flight was a sinch. I Slept from Canada to Ireland!