Looking at the American press in the last couple of days is seems that there is a lot of disquiet about surrounding the ‘high’ price of gas in the U.S.

Indeed in the ‘Stars and Stripes‘ newspaper that is given out to the troops and read by American ex-pats across the globe, yesterdays paper had a cover story about how one gas station owner paid the ultimate price for his expensive gas at $3.29. According to the paper the man was ran over and killed when he tried to chase down a driver who was trying to leave the station without paying for his gas.

From the outside looking in this seems like a staggering situation, Americans complaining that their gas price is less than 43p a litre in English money. To put that in context look at it like this: While you are whining about paying around $3.20 for a gallon of gas, the same gallon in the UK would cost about $8! That seems like a statement that is worth repeating to you – In the UK we pay around $8 a gallon for gas that you are complaining you pay something like $3.20 for!

Now, imagine how much your car, van or SUV would cost to fill if you were paying $8 a gallon, a figure that can climb as high as nearly $10 a gallon in certain rural places in the UK! My little MGF has a relatively small gas tank, yet even that costs me nearly $100 to fill, and I fill it every couple of weeks!

Your gas is cheap, no matter how expensive it gets.

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