America disappeared a little further up its own butt today when the Virginia state house voted to outlaw the trend of wearing pants so low that underwear is visible. According to a BBC news story delegates said the habit was “coarsening” society. Of course it’s no great surprise to learn that the bill is largely supported by republicans who feel that having saggy pants will drive America into a pit of depravity full of nipples and boxer shorts no doubt.

It hardly seems like a good use of tax payers money and police time to have cops handing out tickets to people who commit a fashion offense. How many of us should have been arrested for some kind of fashion Faux pas in the past. take this law back a few years and one wonders if hippy’s would have been bought into line and told to wear blue suits of something. While the fashion in question is, in my opinion, ridiculous, is it not the right of a free person to choose whether or not to wear something that makes them look like an idiot? Taking the path of fashion policing might end up with some questionable results. The banning of long hair on men, low tops on women, etc etc.

It’s just another great day in the land of the free I guess.

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