I’m not wishing my life away here, in fact quite the opposite. Can you believe that we’re not half way through the year, in fact being in England I am a little ahead of you guys, for me it’s already the 22nd of June, but I can still pick up the phone and call you all in yesterday if I want to extend my midsummer’s night just that little bit longer.

I didn’t do anything special. I’m working real hard here trying to get stuff done before I fly to Chicago next Tuesday. I’m going on vacation for pretty much a month then I have more time off in August when an American friend is coming here to visit, so I have LOADS to get done.

I did take time out to go to the gym. Did my usual workout which involves jogging… past the gym then sitting in the sauna and steam room watching people in the pool. Then I left and decided to go and sit by the river for a while and smoke a midsummer cigar in a mellow moment or three. It was high tide, very high tide as it turned out. The familiar city waterfront of Liverpool danced among the ripples as huge tankers and industrial looking boats made their silent way in and out of the scene like thieves under the cover of darkness.

I listened to the water sing accompanied by distant sound of a siren announcing that someone’s go to hospital or jail tonight. The full moon looked strangely large as it hung over the city appearing to be so close that a long ladder might lead to another great step for mankind. A little further away a plane was banking hard ready to descend and land at John Lennon airport. Three other planes circle above like birds of prey waiting for their opportunity to swoop into the sleeping city. I hope the people getting off that plane are met by people they love. That’s the best part of arriving at an airport, the moment when you see a loved one or close friend as you scan the gathered crowd of people who are themselves looking for familiar faces. They’ll be home soon.

When I was a kid I would wish the rainy days away. Time was treacle and minutes were moon-dust. I raced into adulthood at full throttle, like I might miss it if I slowed for even a second. And now here we are in the middle of the future. I can’t believe we’re already half way through 2005.