At long last there is now a cure for those sleepless nights we’ve all been having worrying about whether or not our hair is shiny enough! I just saw on a commercial on TV for Loreal Elvive shampoo that now uses “light reflecting technology” to give your hair “new shine”. So rest easy!

Clearly these kind of ads must work, but on who? Loreal claim that their scientists have discovered “an innovative new formula” that uses “pearl protein” that enables their ‘Nutri-Gloss’ to give “targeted nutrition to the hair fibre, balancing it from root to tip.” In fact they are so pleased with this they tell us that using this will be “a true sensory experience”. I mean, are we still talking about shampoo here? Isn’t that a question of just washing your hair in some nice smelling bubbles.

Of course other hair products offer similar ground breaking technology and experiences. I can’t remember the brands (so much for the ads then) but there was ‘Active ceramide’ which sounds like something that might be used on blocked sewage pipes if you as me.

Loreal also hailed the arrival of ‘Regenuim XY’ which was its patented new science bit that showed guys how using this overpriced shampoo would actually make their lost hair return – and more than that it would lead to admiring looks form impossibly white teethed girls who walk everywhere in slow motion! A hair product to get you laid – woohoo!

Clearly the commercials work, but is there any real science behind all these new hair breakthrough formulas? I mean Pearl protein? What the heck!?