I went to watch the sunset this afternoon (3:30pm!). I wrapped up nice and warm and walked a little further out onto the sand than I usually would. I was the only lunatic out there in the freezing cold but I felt like I was in a movie. My iPod played a track that just made the scene feel really quite sad really. (If you have your speaker on you may well be listening to it now too.)

I stood there for ages, just me, the music on my iPod, and the slow motion action of those distant windmills. The picture isn’t very good, I took it on my phone and it was having a terrible time trying to focus as I was pointing the thing right into the sun as it took up its hiding place below the horizon.

As I strolled slowly back to the parking lot the sky quickly darkened and I watched planes flicker there way across the sky, hurrying home, or some place far from here. I’ll be joining them myself in just over a week.

Sunset (a little movie I made a while back)