So I created another one of those mosaic pictures made up of loads of my pictures from the last 4 or 5 years in America. It should be screamingly obvious what it is, but if you’re having a dosey day I’ll reveal that it is indeed an American flag.

The image is made up of a staggering 5300 unique pictures and includes a few of the Texans known to you lot. They include Erin, Shaun and Amy, Edith, Cameron, Jess, Carey, Matt and Jude, Roy, Chad and his wife (I think), and some bloke giving me the V’s (pictured right).

I decided to get the picture printed but felt that it needed to be way bigger than your average 12×8 so I needed to go to a specialist repro lab in town. The result is a spectacular A0 print that is a lot of fun to study up close. it cost a whopping $170 to print that on quality photo paper, and maybe I shouldn’t have bothered. Maybe it would have been wiser to wait and be less hasty, especially considering I’ll have more pictures to add from this upcoming trip. But I felt impulsive so what the heck.

The only problem is that in my apartment you’re never far away from a wall and I feel that the overall effect of the picture night be lost if people can’t see it from far enough away. All in all it might have been a shocking waste of company money, but I figured I needed to print one to see how they work in ‘the flesh’ as it were.