President George ‘dubya’ Bush is has been touring Europe to try and rebuild the broken bonds of friendship and trust between Europe and America. He’s got a less than welcome reception by the people wherever he’s gone, but then again he probably wasn’t expecting anything else.

In a way it’s nice to see the boy Bush over here trying to repair the damage he caused. But on the other hand his reasons for coming are more to do with the declining value of the dollar and trade deficits than anything else, but politics is politics so we can’t hold that against him.

Today though the gun slinging President started waving his pistol around again, dispelling claims that America was about to bomb the hell out of Iran and North Korea, but warning them that “all options are still on the table.”

Now, in the face of growing opposition back home to his ‘action’ in Iraq (remember it hasn’t been a ‘war’ for a long time according to Bush), you might think that the boy Bush wouldn’t be so ready to start dropping bombs on anyone else, or come to that even threatening to do so. But it would seem that he’s willing to ‘take out’ North Korea’s nuclear program and the same in Iran. But with his military already stretched to capacity would it really be a clever move to start a war with North Korea and Iran? Especially considering the fact that back in 1994 the Pentagon projected casualty numbers of over a million on each side if America was to go to war with North Korea.

So, given the fact that I know a few of Americans read this little blog of mine, I am interested in what your opinions are on the whole American military action situation is.

Would America be right and wise to start what it calls ‘preemptive strikes’ on North Korea and Iran?

Also, why is it that America can have a nuclear arsenal, but Iran and North Korea can’t?

And, why isn’t America concerned about India and Pakistan’s nuclear strategies?

Finally, one last question. It would seem that the watching world are not feeling very good about ‘the land of the free’ these days which to my mind is a great pity as America is a great place and most Americans I have met are great people, but what is the world to think about the freedom and democracy American politics always harp on about when we see continuing pictures of men being held without charge in Guantanamo Bay. And of the few who have been released back to their own countries (the UK included) they have all been released without charge.

I’m just interested to hear what actual Americans think of the situation, rather than what the Bush Administration tells us.