As good as beaten at half time. Three goals down and not a goal for Liverpool, the fans feeling almost defeated. I was working at the club and the atmosphere was so low that I contemplated going home but I decided to stay.

Fourteen minutes into the second half Liverpool have scored three goals and equalized! The atmosphere at the club, in the town, and probably in the entire Merseyside region, was electric!! (For you Americans, Liverpool is effectively the ‘capital’ of the Merseyside region.) Not a car was on the road, EVERYONE it seemed was watching the match.

Eventually the team win after extra time and a penalty shoot out. The most amazing and unheard of comeback in Champions League football. It was amazing – and I’m not even a fan! :)

I have to go into the city tomorrow afternoon for a meeting. They’re going to parade the cup through the city, I’ll see if we can get out of the meeting early enough to watch the team parade the cup through the city which will be a sea of red. The atmosphere in the city will be amazing I’m quite sure of that.

Liverpool score!! (as I saw it in the club) Movie (Quicktime 7 required)
BBC : Liverpool win stunning game
Liverpool fans in ecstasy
Pictures from the match
Pictures from the night @ the club I work in