Well Oregon was, as ever, great! I’m in California at the moment and have been here for a few days already, but I wanted to share a few pictures with you. I always feel very photographically inspired when I am in Oregon. In the summer its such a colorful place in more ways than one!

The pictures below are of various places and things in Oregon. They include pictures of of places in Portland and the surrounding areas as well as the coastline between Lincoln City and Newport.

Melisa McDaniel

One thing I was very pleased I got a chance to do while I was in Portland, was meet Christine, otherwise known on Xanga as ‘Crazy Woman Writer.

Christine NewkirkChristine is someone I came to know simply from my wandering around Xanga, I’d never met her before in person so I was excited about the possibility of meeting the person behind the site.

We arranged to meet for coffee at the Portland Coffee House in downtown Portland one evening and when we met it’s fair to say we both enjoyed the evening very much as we chatted and exchanged stories.

Like I said, I’m in California now and I’ve been here for a few days so I’ll post more pictures soon. In the meantime should you wish to know more about any of the pictures above then just ask.