So I’m in Portland. I love this city, I always feel so inspired photographically when I am here. There are so many cool and bizarrely odd things here that it’s very interesting from a photographic point of view. I’m currently sitting here in my favorite coffee house, the Portland Coffee House (where I wrote this blog entry at Christmas).

I managed to lose my luggage in Chicago O’Hare airport yesterday. I was really tired and somehow managed to leave my bag with all my clothes and stuff in the terminal! I couldn’t believe I had managed to be so utterly stupid. United Airlines were really cool about helping me though. They located the bag in Chicago and have put it on a flight to Portland today so it should be here later this evening, and fortunately my friend Missy doesn’t live far from the airport so it’s not at all out of the way to go there again and pick up my luggage.

I’m hoping to meet fellow Xanga blogger Christine in the next few days. I’ll also be meeting up with other friends here in the city then heading out to the coast for the 4th July weekend.

It’s great to be back here in America again.