So The Duchess of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales, otherwise know as Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles, are ‘stateside’ on their first official visit as a married couple. Today they leave Washington DC and head to the ‘Bible belt’ to shake a few more hands and attend a few more luncheons and stuff.

Twenty years ago the future King of England visited America with his then wife, Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales was a huge success. Young and beautiful, the Americans, like everyone it seems, were enthralled by the Princess.

Camilla Parker-Bowles will of course been unfairly compared to Diana, that much is inevitable. The British public haven’t warmed to her and British newspaper cartoonists often cruelly portray her as a horse! A woman in her fifties, not accustom to the kind of media focus that she now has, Camilla has often seemed ill at ease in her new role as Dutchess of Cornwall and wife to the would be King.

The harsh truth is that Camilla is simply never going to compare to the image of Diana that will forever be locked as a beautiful and tragic Princess. For a start Camilla is in her fifties and to be fair, she isn’t exactly the stuff of magazine covers. Indeed, for the next few years at least, Camilla will have to try and weather the comparisons to Diana. In order to help her improve her image and adjust to her new life, a legion of image and PR consultants have been hired.

The trip to America is being watched closely by the media of course. In his speech at the White House banquet, Prince Charles talked of people looking to the US to take a lead on the most crucial issues facing the planet, something that has been widely interpreted as an attempt to nudge the president to take a stronger line against global warming. But the real media attention is on Camilla, how she is coping. There were some rather rude comments in New York about Camilla’s clothes, with one tabloid calling her Frump Tower.

The brutal truth is that a happily married couple in their 50s does not set editorial pulses racing. The British media tell us you’re not really bothered. So how do you feel about the Royal visit to America?