I finally got around to watching Morgan Spurlock’s movie ‘Supersize me’. I have to say it was a really educational and entertaining film.

Ordinarily I watch documentary films with a somewhat cynical eye, but this didn’t feel at all like it was pushing some hidden agenda. I won’t even watch a Michael Moore films because I think that guy misrepresents things to such a degree that pretty much anything he says can’t be trusted. Ironically he’s put himself in the same position as the man he seems to hate so much [Bush].

The UK DVD of Supersize me had some cool extras too (gotta love DVD extras). One that made me laugh out loud was ‘The smoking fry‘ where he puts a selection of McDonalds food in jars to see how it breaks down over time. The results are interesting and a little concerning too.

I know just about everyone has seen this movie a long time back, but if you haven’t then seriously, I recommend you do. It’s funny and like I say, it has an interesting message too.

Supersize me
The smoking fry (Updated)