Well it’s happening. The Xanga party we’ve been hoping would eventually happen is happening! (July 22nd, at 6:30pm.)

I’m still ‘on the road’ at the moment so I’m not to up on the details but Cara, Karen, Jess, Erin and others have more information on their sites. All I can tell you is that it is at Karen and Albert’s house in Houston at 6:30 this Friday the 22nd of July and it’s BYOB.

I for one am hoping to see a whole load of people. I’ve met quite a few of you briefly a couple of years back, but this ol’ Xanga thing has given me the opportunity to actually get to know a whole host of people that I didn’t really get to know very well back then, and in a lot of cases, never knew until I ‘met’ them on here.

I’m flying into Texas this Tuesday around 4:30 to spend some time with my old friend Erin, but if any of you want to hang out give her a call and see what plans there are, if any. I’m only around till Saturday!

I’ve had a great trip these last three weeks. Oregon was just great, and here in California we’ve had a blast and I’ve been enjoying the 100+ degree temperatures. This will be the first time I’ve returned to Texas in a couple of years or so, and I have to tell you all that I am really very excited at the possibility.

Unfortunately my Apple laptop died a slow and painful death in Central Valley California where the temperatures soured into the 100’s almost every day I was there. It turns out that 12″ PowerBook G4’s don’t like that very much, and at the time of writing this it would seem that I may well have lost every single picture I took In Oregon aside a few pictures from the last day I was there. This makes me really sad because I took a great deal of pictures in Portland and at the coast which I was really looking forward to printing. The loss includes every single one of the pictures posted below. This really has made me quite sad on what has otherwise been a great trip so far.

The upshot of this technical failure is that of course I have been unable to post on here, comment, instant message with people or even email, and it would seem that this may well be the case until I return to England. So you’ll have to wait to see more pictures till I get back to England.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing you at the party. Do we know who is going yet? Will you be there?