What a day! I think that has to go down as my favorite ever 4th of July! Of course most July 4th’s have passed as just another working day for me as we don’t celebrate this holiday in the UK, but of those I have celebrated here in the US, this day would probably have to be the best.

It started with a walk on the beach here at Lincoln City on the Oregon coast (see post below). A coastline that most people imagine to be rugged and rocky. However the Oregon coast is one of America’s jewels if you ask me. On a day like today (a day that was supposed to be showery) you’ll see this coastline at its very best.

After the walk we jumped in the car and headed south along highway 101. Where possible we turned off the highway to take the less trodden route. We took all afternoon to drive the relative short distance to Newport, stopping at some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, some covered in black volcanic sand.

The weather was just about perfect. Not beating hot and not at all cold. A light breeze kept us cool as the sun shone from a cloudless sky. It really was absolutely perfect.

We eventually stopped at the small fishing town of Newport. Missy said that we had to go to “Mo’s” and try some of their famous clam chowder, so who was I to refuse. Clam chowder isn’t a favorite dish of mine, but ‘when in Rome…’

We took that opportunity to grab an early dinner which was seafood, of course, before heading back along 101 to our hotel. We then had a little chillout time before heading back to the beach for a walk. Being the 4th the tradition here is that everyone and their dog comes to the beach to let off fireworks just as soon as it’s dark to do so, and come about 9:30 that’s exactly what happened.

Fireworks were going off constantly all along the beautiful beach. The sea breeze swept the smoke away but was not strong enough to spoil the fireworks or give us too much of a chill. People were sat around campfires all over the beach as the firecrackers and rockets banged, popped and screamed. It was quite amazing, very reminiscent of my time in India and the Diwali celebrations on the beaches of Kovalam.

The celebrations of America’s 229th year of Independence lasted until nearly midnight. The last few stragglers still letting fireworks off as the people sitting on the beach made way for the Ocean as it crashed its way to shore. All has just now gone quiet just now at just past 12:30, bringing to an end a day I won’t forget in a very very long time.

All of the pictures above were taken by me on the 4th of July