Rachel LindsayI took my girlfriend, ‘Posh’, away for a weekend in a Welsh castle for her birthday. We went to one of the most beautiful parts of North Wales, the Llyn Peninsula. The weather didn’t let me down and allowed us to enjoy British summertime at it’s very best.

The first picture is of the Castle in which we stayed. Castell Deudraeth in the ground of a strange little place called Portmeirion. The weather was very much on our side, something which you can never rely on in this part of the world. But with the sun beaming out of the blue sky the village looked decidedly European and felt that way too.

The castle itself was fun, though at a little less than $400 a night it’s not a place I’ll be hurrying back to anytime soon. It was a trip to stay in a castle, but part of me wanted the decor to be, well, more castle-like.

The Llyn Peninsula is a ruggedly beautiful part of North Wales. Often forgotten and off the beaten path, it’s a place that hides some of the most alluring Welsh beaches that are oftentimes simply deserted. On hot days one could be forgiven for forgetting that this is indeed Wales, a place more famous for its rain than its breathtaking coastline.