So I thought I’d share a couple of funny/cool links with y’all. Links that are suitable for work avoidance and the such.

The first is an episode from ‘Ill Will Press’ in which the little animal (not entirely sure what it is) tried to order a large coffee at Starbucks. Of course Starbucks don’t sell large coffee’s, they call them Venti, and who knows where that word came from!

She blocked me‘ is a funny little song and cartoon about a guy who gets blocked by a girl who he’s been getting to know on IM (or iChat for all you Mac people out there). It’s particularly funny as I have a friend who recently went through the very same experience and comicly created a second IM user to see if he was indeed being blocked.

Gaybar is just plain ol stoopid. It’s a flash animation to the song ‘gaybar’ by Electric Six, a band who I am pretty sure will dissapear into the world of “who the hell were they” very soon if they haven’t already. Nonetheless, this dumb little animation made me laugh, though maybe it’s a guy thing, an English guy thing at that too.

For thos among you who enjoy short films then check out Canadian website ZeD. My favorite shorf film of the moment is How to know when a relationship is over. A British film about… well, it should be obvious what it’s about.

How about trying your hand at a cool and completely addictive little game called Babycal throw. It’s a Russian game invented by… err, Russians. But don’t panic, America and Russia are friends now so you won’t get into trouble for playing it. The premis of the game is that you should click the little guys who run across the screen, then these little things fly off them and hit, if you’re any good, the other little guys. Okay, I know I didn’t explain it very well, but try it and I’m confident you’ll figure it out.

The Ill Will Press
She blocked me
How to know when a relationship is over
Babycal throw