After my car broke down and my friend took me back to his house (see post below) I joined another roadside recovery company. However, one of the best value ones had an aweful website, so I took the time to tell them in no uncertain terms. Now I look back on the email I think maybe they got the brunt of how I was feeling at the time due to other things.

RE :

Looking at your website I have to say I am shocked at just how bloody awful it is. What on earth were you thinking. It looks like it was designed by a spotty 17 year old for the price of a new Barry wing for his Corsa.

I was in the market for cover and looked at various websites. The RAC and AA were both, as expected, very clean and well designed. However, I would have thought yours would be at least somewhere near the same quality. Instead I am presented with a website that has all the elegance of a pile up on the M40.

While your roadside assistance maybe good value and top quality I have to do what many MANY people will do, and draw some kind of reference as to the quality of service I will receive from europ-assistance from the appearance of your website. In this regard you have just lost my custom.

Please find the web designer, take him outside and shoot him. The web will become that tiny bit safer.

With thanks

Simon Jones AA (Automobile Association)