Well I leave for America on Tuesday and after a short little stop in Chicago I’ll be in Portland, Oregon that same evening. I’m looking forward to seeing loads of my friends on this trip and hopefully going to some cool places too along the way.

In Oregon I believe we are heading to the beaches around the 4th of July. Of course everyone else will be there too, but hopefully it’ll be cool. In the week leading up to that I’ll probably be spending a great deal of time in the Portland Coffee House (due to their free wifi) working on some overdue projects I have to try and progress. That’s annoying but the customer has held things up badly so it’s eating into my America time somewhat, but hopefully not too much.

After Oregon it’s onto California. I’ll be seeing friends in the Central Valley area and might take a little trip to SanFran too… maybe. (And yes, I know, no one who lives there refers to it as SanFran.) Then it’s down toward LA to spend a little time hanging out with my friends who live in the area known as ‘porno valley’ on account of the fact that something like 90% of the worlds porn comes from there – not exactly a great claim to fame, but there ya go.

The final part of the tour takes me to Houston, Texas via Denver. I’m only there for a very brief time so hopefully I’ll get to see a few of the people on this here xanga while I am there. Then I leave on the 23rd to fl through the night and arrive back here on the 24th.