I joined three quarters of a million people who turned out to see Liverpool football club bring home the Champions League trophy after the teams sensational comeback to win Wednesday nights heart-stopping match.

The victorious team rode in an open top bus parading the cup to the waiting crowds, many of whom had traveled all day to see the team parade. The parade started near the clubs home just outside the city at 6:30pm. It was supposed to end in the city centre at 8:30pm but didn’t actually reach the final destination of St George’s Hall until almost ten o’clock, however this did not dampen the spirits of the 300,000 strong crowd around St George’s Hall, of whom I was one.

There was a carnival like atmosphere across the entire city as the streets began to fill with fans wearing the clubs red colors and waving flags. By half past seven the streets around St George’s hall were completely closed and covered in people making up a staggering red sea that would only part for one thing, the players open top bus!

The noise was just incredible as the huge crowd sang and cheered when the team eventually arrived in the city centre. Fireworks along with red and white ticker tape shot into the air adding to the party atmosphere which carried on well into the early hours of the night.

My friend Emmett and I decided to drive around the city streets in precession with the hundreds of other cars that were slowly driving through the city sounding their horns and waving at the crowds who seemed reluctant to want to go home on such a night.

The first picture shows the vast crowd gathered outside North Western Hall on what would usually be a busy city intersection spanning several lanes.
The second picture is a shot of Emmett and I in the reflection of an inflatable cup.
The third shows the team arriving to a rapturous reception at St George’s Hall in the open top bus.
The picture below wasn’t taken by me, but it shows just a tiny selection of the crowd at St Georges hall in the city centre. This was where the parade ended and where I took the videos that I have linked to below.

At the risk of boring you all to tears with this, I had a friend encode the video clips I filmed into a Windows Media format which I hope you’ll be able to view okay.
The equalizer goal is scored by Liverpool

One of 300,000 people in the city centre as the team return ‘home’
A continuation of the above video clip.
Revelling Reds finish city parade
Victory tour seen by a million
More pictures
Liverpool FC official site