Sorry for not posting these pictures before now. I’ve been tied up with catching up. You know how that goes.

So… what a party that was! These are just a few of my pictures, although I must say I didn’t take many because I was just having too much fun chatting with people and putting names to faces. it was funny being there with labels on us showing what our xanga names were. I would have liked to have gotten to chat with more people for longer, but what can you do. Even so, as Jon, Erin and I drove home we worked out we’d been at Karen and Alberts house for something like 7 or 8 hours!

It was so kind of Karen and Albert to open their house for that party, and it was really great that so many xanga regulars turned out. The very next day after the party I jumped on a plane and headed back to England, though I truly wish I could have had more time in Houston to hang out with people and maybe see a few of the folk who couldn’t make the party for whatever reason.

I may have told a few of you at the party, but despite the fact I was not really able to get my laptop to work properly in the final week of my vacation, I was at least able to recover ALL of my pictures from the trip. including the ones from Oregon.

Anyway, it was really REALLY great to meet so many of you at the party. Thank you all for making that final night in America a real highlight of the entire trip.