Okay, this is my last post until I am in Boston (tomorrow). I need to get to sleep now, but I thought I’d just share this pic from work. as some of you know I do the website and pictures for a local beach theme bar. We kicked off the eater weekend celebrating the second birthday of the bar and combining that with the start of the 4 day Easter holiday weekend.

The bar staff usually wear beach themed stuff, so like bikini’s and ‘surfer stuff’ for the guys (whatever that means?). But yesterday as it’s Easter the girls decided to wear ‘bunny girl’ outfits. And I decided to adorn a shirt that the bar owner Adam said he had to buy me because it seemed to suit my job description. – I of course had no idea what he meant!

Anyway, hope you’re all having a good Friday and I’ll try to post one more time before I head to early Waveland on Monday. I’ll have my cell phone on me so anyone who knows my 503 Portland cell number can assume that it’ll be on for the duration of this little trip stateside. (If you don’t know the number but want it, send me an email)

Anyway, seasons greetings one and all!