Well, we arrived a short while ago at the iCare Village right on the waterfront here at Waveland. I drove from New Orleans and was surprised that even there the visable damage is still everywhere.

The weather is hot and has taken my Massachusettes friends by surprise it would seem, though I am quite happy to enjoy the heat, at least for the moment.

As we got into Waveland the wreckage was astounding. This place is gone! Their are street with driveways and no houses. What houses there are are in various stages of collapse it is sobering to see the carnage that Katrina caused.

Steve Morrell, of the Morrell foundation told us that a 45ft wave came through here and simply smashed everything in it’s wake. It’s hard to imagine that on a day like today when the sun is shining and there is a light pleasant breeze coming off the waterfront.

There is so much work to be done I can’t imagine where anyone would know to start. I suppose those who have returned just start with their homes or what is left of them. But of the 7000 people who lived here it’s impossible to know how many people actually died here last August, but only about 1000 have returned home, what little is left of their homes that is.