It’s Good Friday and that seem as good a day as any to start this, my all new blog.

I’ve been ‘blogging’ for a while on Xanga among a group of Texan friends but I’ve decided to take it to a new level, to broaden my blogging horizons if you will.

Thanks to a handy little script I’ve been able to import my old Xanga posts, so anything older than this post is imported.

Why do this?
Well, why the hell not? I’m no stranger to posting elements of my life on the world wide web, I’ve been doing that for years in one form or another, most notably on my ‘meanwhile‘ website.

So what can you expect to see here?
Heck, who knows! I’ve used my Xanga space to post interesting and funny stuff that I’ve come across in daily life. I’ve written about politics, shared my photography and even posted the occasional movie clip I’ve filmed. In short, anything could happen.

Who can comment?
One of the things I truly love about the web is that it empowers all of us to reach out and make connections with people that we might otherwise never have known. So if you read something and you have something to say about it, then your comment will be welcomed as much as any other.

It looks a little bare at the moment.
It’s a work in progress. Powered by WordPress I’m still trying to get my head around how this all works. The current design will most certainly develop and change, but for now I just wanted to get the blog going.

I don’t understand people who ‘blog.’
Well I don’t understand people who collect stamps or engage in trainspotting. I guess people do what they enjoy right?

It’s not my cup of tea.
Well if that’s the case then thanks for stopping by and please, don’t let me keep you.