I’ve been going through some of my photography of late, and while going through my pictures of America from last summer I was reminded of the time Erin, Jon and I went to WallMart somewhere in Houston and decided to goof around putting on hats and ties and all kinds of other things we could find.

Jon was taking off an English accent, claiming he was “Pip, sir.” or “Nigel.” So I decided to take on a Southern accent of some description, and walk around the store talking in that accent and generally being a fool.

I’m not sure I’d make a great cowboy really. I’d have to find the right hat for a start. And I’ve not had the best success whenever I’ve tried to ride horses. One damn near kneecapped me when it decided to go through the space between two trees without considering the fact it was carrying me on it’s back and my legs made it that bit wider.

Anyway, I’ve had these pictures for ages, and as I know a lot of people who read my Xanga know Erin and Jon, I thought I would share the pics and the silly little video we made too. I should explain that in England suspenders are NOT what you call suspenders, it always makes me laugh when I hear Americans talking about firemen in suspenders. I hadn’t shaved for some reason, so I look like a dodgy cowboy that might try and sell you a three legged horse of something. Word to the wise, never trust a British cowboy!