Seven times formula one Grand Prix driver Michael Schumacher bowed out of Grand Prix racing today in his final race. He’s now retired, bringing to and end one of the most impressive F1 careers.

I’ve not always been a fan of Michael. The german has not always endeared himself to Grand Prix fans with questionable maneuvers and tactics. But no one can deny that Schumacher has an unrivaled success record that is unlikely to be beaten for many years to come.

His final race today was set to be a world championship showdown that might have ended in his eighth world title, but bad luck in the race meant that any hope he had of winning the title faded in the first few laps. I had hoped that Michael would have the fairy tale finish to his career and the 2006 season.

Some people think that with the dominance of Schumacher gone from formula one will mean better, closer and more exciting races. I’m not so sure myself, I guess we’ll find out next March when the F1 circus starts again in Australia.

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