It’s not clear why the ‘Falling George’ was ever made, but it’s just nice to watch a rag-doll George Bush fall and hit a lot of things on the way down. Maybe it was inspired by the Presidents approval ratings? I just don’t know.

You can use your mouse to grab the president and sling him around to ultimately make him fall and hit things in the most painful way possible. At least that is what I think the point is. It hadn’t occurred to me until I started writing this explanation that maybe there is some way you can save President Bush. But come on, lets not kid ourselves, there really is nothing any of us can do to save President Bush is there.

Created by a guy who I assume is called Dad, this movie can be found along with other random stuff at I tried to find a little background to the movie there, but there didn’t seem to be any. Who cares about background anyhow. Just enjoy watching the President fall.

Click here to see ‘falling George.’