I’m about to leave for a New Years party in Eugenie, Oregon. But before I go I wanted to make a post casting a retrospective look back at some of the pictures I’ve posted in 2006.

Just into Wales across the border from England is this scene. The ‘castle’ on Lake Vyrnwy is one of my favorite Welsh landmarks. (If this place were home)

My friend Will, and I, went to Scotland in February Our long weekend ended up being one of the most costly ‘adventures’ I ever had! What with gas costs (he has a 3.2 Litre V6 Audi TT that eats fuel at between $8 – $12 a gallon don’t forget!) and the B&B’s we stayed in the trip made a severe dent in our wallets. But it was worth it, if only for the laughs (Under a Gaelic sky)

It snowed in March! First time I’ve seen snow in these parts for years! (White up your street)

March : The sun sets over the rocks of a wave breaker at New Brighton Beach near where I live. (Where dreams take wing)

In April I headed out to the States again, this time southbound to Mississippi and a town called Waveland. Nine months earlier the town had been devastated by hurricane Katrina and I was out there to do what little I could to help with the clean-up. It turned out to be a sobering experience, a shocking lesson in the complete power of nature. (A town called Waveland)

In May Will and I again ventured to Scotland. This time we rented an RV which was wicked cool! We drove it like an Ambulance to the very tip of Scotland and right across the top of Scotland down the west coast and back to England just in time to return it. On the way to picking up the RV though, within about 5 minutes after leaving my apartment Will got picked up by a cop as he joined the highway speeding. It cost him a ticket. Not the best start, but all adventures have bumps in the road. Heck we even reversed the RV into a pole somewhere near a nuclear power station too. All in all it was a really good laugh, despite the weather being pretty bloody awful the whole time! (What a start)

June : Obviously I didn’t take the pictures above, but the post about them is worth a re-read. It’s about the people who bring the bodies of American servicemen and women home from Iraq. The American media still isn’t allowed to show those scenes on TV under the reason that the families need privacy. However one might imagine the unpopular Iraq war might be a whole lot more unpopular if the American public kept seeing images of soldiers families crying as their loved ones are brought home in coffins draped in the stars and stripes. (I will be home)

Also in June the world became embroiled once again in World Cup fever. England disappeared under a sea of flags. I noticed that it seemed the poorer a person was, the more flags they seemed to decorate their house or car with. Football fever even managed to creep into some parts of America where those funny people already have a game with the same name where they actually carry and throw the ball? Strange but true! (England Flags)

July: Tiger Woods came to my part of the world in the midst of a heat wave which most English people complained about, but I was loving. I didn’t get a whole lot of work done in July. Instead I spent many a day going to the beach or places to enjoy the sun. The roof on my car was down all the time, it was great! (Lovin’ life on the golf coast)

The summer heat went to some peoples heads. I ended up chasing down the owner of this car who was seriously drunk and driving the vehicle despite the fact that it only had three wheels! After chasing her for a while I removed her from the car and waited for the Police to arrive. (Never a dull moment)

Still in July Will, Andy, and myself all ventured down to London for the Motor Show. Lots of gleaming metal. A festival of our collective addiction to oil! (Beauty and the beast)

August : After a month of beautiful clear skies and high temperatures Britain was subjected to the wettest August in years. I think it rained every single day. I took this picture at the bottom of my garden. (Diamonds in the rough)

I had no idea that not far from where I live there is a nature reserve!.Going there was like discovering a secret garden! (Undiscovered country)

In September I was in the States again. Oregon, California, Texas, and Colorado. It was a mammoth trip! (September)

It’s always great to head down to Texas and see all my friends and “blog buddies” from Xangaland! (Xangbanged)

I sometimes think that people miss some of my captions on the pictures I use here. The caption above is one of my favorites. (Texas Part II)

The summer came crashing to an abrupt end with the sudden and unexpected death of my brothers wife, Kate. In the midst of that tragedy the worth of family was demonstrated to me. (For Kate)

In November I had to buckle down and get on with a huge amount of work that needed to be done. In the States the Republicans got what was coming to them in the mid-terms, and back home in England everyone celebrated Guy Fawkes night on the 5th with Fireworks and bonfires as they do every year.

Christmas seemed to come around so quickly. I think that may well be a sign of the fact I am getting older as I heard time seems to move faster the older you get! At the bar I work in we had a bit of a Christmas party with some guy randomly arriving dressed as Santa. It was a fun night! (That was a good night)

On my way to Oregon for Christmas and the New Year I ended up getting stuck in Chicago for one night. It was a night that I would turn into one of those nights you never forget. (The 94th Story)

And that folks, was 2006. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and here’s to 2007. May it be a great year!!