It’s St. Valentines day again, another ‘Hallmark holiday’ designed to sell us all over-priced rubbish that might actually mean more on any other day of the year.

Despite recently being voted the 9th sexiest man in the world by New Woman magazine (don’t go exploding my bubble ya hear!), I have once again decided to rebuff the usual Valentines traditions of buying roses, cards, or any such ‘romantic’ trash that the one might argue people buy for their partners not because they want to but because they are expected to.

Sure, if your 16, or trying to woo someone, or you’re enjoying the ‘honeymoon’ period of a new relationship, then Valentines day can be fun. But my objection with it is that it all seems so ‘processed’, you know?

To my mind, any gift given on Valentines day is in some way slightly devalued because it was given on this day! The motivation behind a romantic act on Feb 14th is, in my opinion, questionable due to the expectations of the day… expectations that have been put upon us by those seeking to sell cards, roses, chocolates, or indeed anything red or fluffy, or heaven forbid, both!

Of all the ‘Hallmark holidays’ I much prefer St Patrick’s day. It’s not really a ‘Hallmark holiday’ but a ‘Guinness holiday’ when everyone finds a little Irish in them, and a reason to drink Guinness as if it were running out. There’s no guilt associated with the holiday either. If you don’t go out and get barnied with your mates then it’s no big deal. No one will try and make you feel bad, and your partner won’t hold out on sex for 2 weeks in revenge either.

New Woman magazine votes Simon Jones the 9th sexiest man alive!