1and1 internet have to be the world’s worst web host. But what can you do if you want to complain about them? When a company want to play hardball, what can you do?

Complaining about 1and1 internetMost of us don’t have much time to complain to companies that go out of their way to make complaining difficult, and that is most certainly a tactic that 1&1 internet employ. The company swims amid a sea of complaints that they seem happy to ignore completely, knowing perhaps that their dirt-cheap prices will always attract new customers.

Last year I had reason to complain to 1and1 internet in the UK. Their call centre staff told me that “management aren’t customer facing,” a line that inspired nothing but fury on my part.

My reasonable attempts to resolve my issue with them were met with a stonewall response and nobody, it seemed, was willing or able to apply even a glimmer of basic courtesy, let alone decent customer service.

In the end I did get a resolution, but it took some dramatic action on my part in the form of an embarrassing website whereupon I published telephone calls with their call centre that I recorded.

That website has proved to be very popular indeed, and it has lead to a great many people writing to me to seek advice on how to complain to 1&1 internet.

I don’t claim to have any magic answers, or inside information, but I’ve been told the advice I give on my website that tells people how to complain about 1and1 internet, has helped a number of people get a resolution to their issue.

One thing I know for sure is that there was no advantage in choosing to use 1&1 internet. Yes they were cheaper than other hosts, but technical support was abysmal and customer service was quite simply the worst I have ever experienced.

It’s a much better idea to find a highly regarded smaller web-host like the one I use. EZPZ web-hosting have US and UK based servers and technical questions are answered rapidly by the small group of highly competent guys who run the company. (Check them out.)

UPDATE: March 2021. EZPZ Hosting became ‘The Hosting Heroes‘ in a merger with another company. I still use them today and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a competent and reliable web host.

How to effectively complain to 1and1 internet
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