Well after months of regular visits to the dentist (albeit the dentist is just next door) all the work on my bad tooth has been completed. So, I can now smile again. Yay!

As some of you may be aware I had a 1.4cm titanium dental implant pit in to my jaw a few weeks ago. I’ve had to wait for the bone-graft to work and the gum to heal before I could have the rest of the implant and new tooth fitted. Since the removal of the bad tooth, a lateral incisor I’m told, I’ve had to put up with a crown and in the last few weeks a rather dodgy looking dental fascia.

The last few weeks have been the worst though. The fascia was simply a bit of plastic styled to look like a tooth that was used to fill the gap in my teeth while the jaw and gum healed. It was effectively just a tooth shaped bit of plastic that was simply glued to the teeth either side. It was problematic as it was constantly working loose.

The fascia actually looked okay, but I felt like it looked strange, and therefore it had a quite profound effect on how much I smiled. As stupid as it sounds I really tried hard not to smile a lot because I didn’t want people to see the rather ugly gap at the top of the fake tooth, a gap that had to be left there in order for the gum to heal.

The funny thing is that in the last few weeks I’ve also felt kind of down, something which is almost unheard of for me. While there are a few things that have contributed to this, I sincerely believe that not smiling hasn’t helped me in the slightest. The tooth is in, it looks just like the rest, and once again I can smile without worry. And as foolish as this sounds, I really am very very happy about that!

Working in the club taking pictures for their website I often get people say they want pictures with me (don’t ask me why – I have no idea!). Normally I’ll jump right in and snap a pic, but I’ve avoided that in the last few weeks, in fact the fascia tooth became so unstable in the last couple of weeks I avoided going out altogether!

The work has come at a considerable cost though. Nearly $4000 in total. But I’m happy to pay it really. I had no idea how ‘connected’ I am to my teeth, in a sense of I had no idea how having a tooth issue could actually knock my usually unshakable confidence.

So now I’m fixed I feel great. The tooth feels all smooth and strange in my mouth. I have just one more appointment at the dentist next week to see how it’s going and to discuss if I want a small amount of silicone gum put at the top of the tooth where it emerges from the real gum. But for now at least I just feel like I’ve been put back together again. And at last I can smile as much as I did before!