It’s no news to anyone that I dislike President Bush, I can’t think of one person I know outside of the United States who holds the man in anything else other than complete contempt. He has smashed fragile relations with foreign countries and trampled on the goodwill of Americas allies to such an extent that the level of anti-American sentiment in the world is surely at a record high.

While I know that president Clinton wasn’t as popular domestically as he was on the global stage, I am astounded that he was laughably impeached for getting a blowjob then lying about it. Yes he was wrong to lie, but I’m left wondering where the hell Ken Star is now?

President Bush has lied about things that have cost more than a dry cleaning bill that’s for sure. His ‘quick’ war in Iraq has turned into a disaster with no end in sight. It’s costing the American people one hundred and seventy seven million dollars each and every single day, not to mention the lives of more than 2200 American servicemen and women and who knows how many innocent Iraqi people.

He’s lied about other things too, not least the fact that he knew the catastrophe that hurricane Katrina would bring upon the Golf Coast. But it seems that for some reason while he may blow at his job, it’s fine just as long as he doesn’t actually get a blowjob.

If Clinton’s lie was such a huge deal then I don’t understand why Bush’s isn’t also viewed in the same way, if not worse? It seems to me that sucking while working in the Oval Office isn’t restricted just to Ms Lewisnsky, though this time around it’s the American people being taken to the dry cleaners and not some cheap old dress.