This Saturday I’ll be jumping on a plane to Boston where I’ll be hanging out until Monday when I’ll join a group of people from Christ Church, Hamilton, flying to Waveland Mississippi to help in the continuing clean-up and rebuilding work after last years Hurricane Katrina.

Waveland was dubbed ‘the town that vanished‘ by USA Today. In fact it was so badly hit that in February only 1000 of the towns near 7000 population had bothered to return.

I have no idea what awaits us in Waveland, but I’m going there to get my hands dirty and do what I can to help. I only know one other person in the group of ten of us who are going, my friend Anne attends Christ Church in Hamilton just North of Boston. She knew that I was keen to help those affected by the hurricane last year and that I was still looking for opportunities to get out there. Her church organized the trip which will last a week. Even though the church weren’t short of volunteers they have very kindly allowed me to tag along with them.

Our arrangements aren’t at all clear at this stage. In fact I have no real idea what we’re going to be doing. But we’ve been told that whatever it is we should be prepared for it to be very dirty work. We’re going to be staying in Morrell Foundation’s iCare Village in Waveland itself, sharing the facilities with the people of the town who still live there and other relief workers.

I’m pretty sure there won’t be any internet access there, but if there is I’ll do my best to keep you updated. Either way I shall write something and post pictures at the end of what promises to be an interesting week.