Owners of Apple ubiquitous iPod already have a staggering choice of accessories to choose from allowing them to do all kinds of things in all kinds of places with their iPods. The iPod accessory market is huge and provides third party developers rich opportunity to cash in on Apple’s huge success with the portable music and video player.

Competition in the iPod accessory marketplace is stiff though which might explain why Atech Flash Technology has decided to try something a little new, an iPod toilet paper holder!

According to it’s creators the iCarta, as it is called, will “enhance your experience in the smallest room.” No specific user directions are given but music loving iPod owners are probably well advised not to try dancing while using the iCarta.

Costing $99, that’s about £54, comes with 4 Integrated high performance moisture-free speakers which can be cranked up loud enough to drown out all other background sounds. It requires AC power but will mean that when plugged in to the iCarta your iPod will recharge while the user discharges!

It’s early days for the iCarta which has only just gone on sale, time will tell whether the iCarta leaves Atech Flash Technology flush with success (groan!).

iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Holder