I’m back at home now. I’ve unpacked my luggage from my American trip and been to the store and stocked up on food and wine. I’ve visited my leisure club an hour before closing and sat there in the sauna alone letting the heat hold me still for a few minutes before floating around the deserted pool like a tethered astronaut suspended in space. I’ve had a bowl of pasta drenched in a rich tomato sauce and covered in a blanket of melted cheese, perfect food for thought as I sat on my couch looking out to the leaves that are changing color on the tree outside.

Life’s been moving pretty fast in the last few weeks. I don’t mind the speed life goes most of the time. But every so often I need to throw a line out there and have someone reel me in for just a few moments. It’s important to be able to just sit on the shore sometimes and catch your breath before you dive back into the surf.

Tonight, at 3am I needed to throw a line and have someone at the other end grab it. I’m thankful that I have an army of people around the world I can throw lines to knowing that they’ll catch them and pull me in. Thank you to Susan in Mississippi tonight for being there. She’s a lady that understands loss in more ways than most and more ways than I’m sure she wishes to. But tonight, as England dreamed of somewhere other than tomorrows working day, Susan listened to me and talked in her musical voice that sounds as calming as a mountain stream. She was my port in a storm and as we said goodbye I just found myself wanting to say thank you not only to her, but to the list of people out there whom I have counted on to be a port in a storm, a calm voice when everyone else is screaming.

I’m surrounded by great people who constantly show me that even the longest days can have great sunsets. – Thank you guys!