I went quad biking (four-wheeling) at the weekend in celebration of ‘bezzy mates’ birthday. Will turned thirty three and decided that to celebrate he’d invite a bunch of us to go ‘quading’ in a place called ‘Sheepy Magna’ in the midlands.

I’ve done quad biking before but things like this don’t get old do they. Well I suppose they might if you were a farmer or someone who had to ride the four-wheelers all the time for work, but for ‘city folk’ like us these kind of things never seem to get old.

They had a small makeshift track and we were all timed as we belted around the track as fast as we could. After predictions that I would have some spectacular crash, it was actually Andy who managed to injure himself. Before he even got a time on the board he somehow managed to run over his left ankle, spraining it quite seriously and therefore ending his afternoon then and there.

The rest of us carried on while Andy watched from the sidelines (well what else could we do?). Growing in confidence we attacked the track harder and harder each time we were out on it. Eventually Mark came out with the overall fastest time from the three time trials we did. I came in a close second which might have been first had I not completely wiped out on my final run. But it was all for fun anyway so we didn’t really care about the results too much.

Gone are the days when a birthday would mean a drunken night on the town stumbling home singing songs eating some nasty kebab which you invariably end up seeing again not long after you consume it. Mind you, I’m not sure we were ever really like that anyway. Nonetheless this was a fine way to celebrate Will’s birthday. Next year we should go track racing or something. Give Andy a proper chance to really hurt himself!