After recently purchasing a new Intel iMac (very nice computer by the way) I had to register it with Apple as I set it up in my studio. Ordinarily I skip these kind of registrations but on this occasion I decided that I should probably register the product, but I elected to have a little fun when asked for my title and job title.

Once the Mac was up and running I quickly forgot about the information I had given Apple. That was until I got some Apple related junk-mail through the post addressed to Rev. Simon Jones, the “Senior whipcracker and tea boy” at my company address.

Seeing that title and job title on the envelope made me chuckle. It then occurred to me that this could actually lead to an interesting experiment in seeing just how far that information spreads. The initial information (which is incorrect by the way, I’m not a clergyman!) was submitted to Apple who in turn clearly shared this with computer retailer Cancom, the company that sent me the junk mail.

The devil inside me though about recording a telephone call to Cancom in which I angrily demand an explanation as to why they feel it is appropriate to mock me. But then I decided against this, after all, I’m a man of the cloth don’t you know.