Allow me, if you will, to ask a question. It’s not a question that can be answered easily I’m sure, and in some respects it’s a can of worms that most would probably rather keep well closed. Certainly I don’t expect more than a handful of comments from the 100 people who currently subscribe to this little Xanga of mine. It’s not escaped my attention that my posts on political subjects tend to attract very little interaction wheras a post about bubble bath or tootchache always seem to get far more attention. I’m not complaining though. I do at least know from certain statistics this little Xanga of mine enjoys quite a few page views a day.

So the question… my not very easy to answer political question… my opening of a can of worms… is this…

President Bush is against abortion right? I mean that was a fairly big wallop of his election campaign right? In a comment I had the other day someone mentioned that fact and how many people had voted for President Bush based in no small part on his standing in that regard. So, quite genuinely I ask this; How many babies has President Bush, or his administration at least, saved since he took office?

I honestly haven’t Googled this subject at all, so I swear this is a genuine question and I am genuinely interested. How many unwanted children have been saved by President Bush, and I suppose a natral follow on to that question would be to ask where they are now and who is looking after them?

It’s easy for me as an Englishman, or dare I even say as a ‘European,’ to dislike the President. He’s hugely unpopular across the world as far as I can see, and his fogien policies seem to involve more fingers of triggers rather than hands of peace. But I’m willing to accept the fact that when it comes to his domestic policies I’m in less of a position to judge the man than those who feel the effects of his decisions at home and in their bank balances. Heck, unpopularity is a trait that some of histories most reveered figures had to live with when they were alive. Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus Christ himself to name but two!