I’m not sure if the big nasty corporate coffee chains do this, but it seems that the small independent coffee houses I frequent in the States have all started doing coffee cup art. That’s where they make some kind of picture from the swirls and froth. It probably far to imaginative and free thinking for the likes of Starbucks who have essentially McDonalized the coffeehouse market.

I took this picture at the Portland Coffee House in Downtown Portland, Oregon. Head down there in the next few days (making sure to avoid Starbucks on Pioneer Square) and you’ll probably be served something that won’t look unlike the drinks pictured above. Such creativity almost makes you feel like you shouldn’t drink it, but then of course you think to yourself, heck… it’s only a damn coffee.

Halloween isn’t a big deal here in the UK. It’s an American export that is growing in popularity though. There is of course a great deal of profit to be extracted from this kind of thing, so wherever there is money to be made there will of course be someone pushing it. The bars use it in the same way they encourage everyone to drink vast quantities of Guinness on St Patrick’s day.

I’m not sure if you say ‘Happy Halloween’ or if there is a more suitable and scary greeting, whatever it is you can assume this to be me offering you the appropriate greeting. And if you’re one of those nutty Christians who celebrates something more wholesome on this day, well, you too can insert your preferred wholesome greeting here too.

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