Okay, some all together not very encouraging responses to my last post. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply, many new commenters and hardly any regular commenters oddly enough.

So I have another question. President Bush’s war on terror is now well into it’s 4th year so perhaps I can ask you all how you think that is going? He said he would rid the world of terror, but it seems from watching the media, and even fictional TV and movies, that we’re more scared of terror now than we ever were. Is this merely an acceptable blip in the terror scale, like a rise before it’s crushed? Or is the President’s war failing?

After 9/11 the world felt a great sympathy for America, but now it seems not unfair to suggest that President Bush has squandered nearly all that good will among foreign nations. Further more it actually seems like President Bush has managed to create a very serious level of anti-American sentiment from countries and former friends who actually rallied alongside the United States in the wake of September 11th 2001.

I’m curious to hear what some of you might say to the claim that Osama bin Laden has effectively won his war so far in that he has managed to change your life, restricted your freedoms and reduced your liberties. Through fear it might be claimed that he continues to have the upper hand as homeland security is stepped up and liberty is pushed aside in this war against terror.

Certainly though it can’t be ignored though that there haven’t been any more attacks on American soil. Though Spain, Australia (via Indonesia) and Great Britain have all suffered attacks. And in Iraq alone (now the ‘front line’ of the war on terror) American tax payers spend one hundred and seventy seven million dollars a day and that’s only the cost of that action is cash terms.

Can President Bush seriously expect to win a war on terror? Lets use a unfathomable amount of imagination here and say the middle east becomes a home for peace thanks to America, what then? Where does the war on terror move then?

Is it unfair to suggest that President Bush is in actual fact losing his war on terror, and that if Osama bin Laden wanted to affect the freedom and liberty of those in the west, one cannot ignore the fact that he has achieved this already.

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