Earlier in the week I wrote about Jackson Pollock’s painting, No.5, 1948, and how it has now become the worlds most valuable painting. Pollock’s work often leads to comments like “I could do that” from onlookers who art critics might argue don’t understand the complexity of the artists work. Be that as it may, now is your chance to try your hand at your very own Jackson Pollock style painting.

Earlier today I created my own masterpiece (pictured right) which I’m hoping will one day earn me a fortune, though I feel it’s far more likely that my artistic talent will go undiscovered (oh the tragedy of it!).

Thanks to the Greek born artist Miltos Manetas, you can take a few moments out of your day to create your very own Jackson Pollock style painting without actually having to get yourself covered in paint.


Below is a blank canvas waiting your touch of artistic chaotic brilliance. In a matter of seconds you could add to what New York art critic, Harold Rosenberg, once called ‘apocalyptic wallpaper.’ Just move your mouse over the canvas and the paint will drip and swirl as you direct it. To change paint color simply click your mouse button and another color will appear.

The price of genius
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Miltos Manetas
Miltos Manetas’ JacksonPollock.org