Remember the guy I posted about the other day who asked Uschi Lang to marry him via the Apple webcam at their new store in New York City? Well, she said yes!

According to, Uschi “couldn’t be happier to announce that she said yes to the proposal” made by her boyfriend who we now know to be James. Apparently James had been planning to ask her the big question for some time and had even asked Uschi’s father for his daughters hand in marriage. But being the old romantic he clearly is, James was looking for the perfect opportunity to pop the question.

On May 20th the couple were in line for the opening of Apple’s new store on 5th Avenue in New York when James spied the timelapse webcam that was snapping pictures for use on the main page of the Apple website. According to James it was then when he came up with his proposal idea that would be “unique, timeless, and surprising.”

At 4:30 the following morning, knowing that the webcam would still be snapping pictures and that the crowds would be all but gone, James snuck out of bed and headed back to 5th Avenue. He made his three signs saying “Uschi Lang. – I love you. – Will you marry me?” Then at about 5:30am, after a few minutes of milling around, (maybe making sure he was ready?) he stood in view off the webcam for 5 minutes with each sign to ensure it would get a clear picture. Surprisingly there were still quite a few people around at the time and James looks like he may have had a few funny interactions with some passers by judging by the smile on his face in some of the pictures.

Despite some interest on tech news websites, and even a fabricated story reporting that Uschi had said yes, Uschi didn’t see the footage until James set up a “romantic trail of candles” leading up to his Mac showing Uschi the video whereupon she said “yes.”

According to other reports it seems that Mac geeks are romantic souls. Long before James was holding up his three signs in-front of the webcam, Steven, who was waiting in line with his girlfriend Patti for the store to open at 6pm, turned to her and proposed. She accepted to a chorus of “Awwww”s from the large crowd that had gathered to visit the store in its opening few hours. Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, who was at the store opening even congratulated the couple himself along with actors James Woods and Kevin Bacon.

Now, the big question on every geeks mind is whether anyone would consider proposing to their significant other at the long overdue and launch of Microsoft’s Windows Vista? Surely not?

See James propose – click 5am
She said yes – Source