I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to my friends from Xanga who may know me better as “thekingofnonomia”, my Xanga username. If you’re visiting here from Xanga today you will have already read about ‘Before i Forget’, my new blogging home. I hope you’ll stop by often.

I’ve decided to move of from Xanga to my very own blogging space here. It shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, I told a number of ‘Xangans’ that I would be leaving the warmth of the Xanga huddle before long. After all, the designer in me wanted a little more creative room to maneuver.

Pretty much all of my old Xanga posts are here and the comments remain intact for nearly all of them.

It’s been fun having a Xanga though. I signed up to the Xanga network back in March 2004 so that I could comment on my friend Erin’s blog. Then six months later I started using the service regularly.

The great thing with Xanga is that is enabled me to actually become buddies with people whom I had met in Texas while visiting Erin. I got to know what they were up to in their lives and likewise they got to know what was going on with me too.

Last summer I was once again in Texas so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for us ‘Xangans’ to all meet up. Not everyone was there but a load of the Xanga bloggers turned out and descended upon Karen (known on Xanga as ‘agardengal’) and Albert’s house where we sat around drinking and eating and having a great night. A highlight of my summer I must say! I hope we all get do that again sometime.

I should also mention Christine, otherwise known as CrazyWomanWriter. I wouldn’t have ever known Christine had it not been for Xanga. But we’ve met up a few times when I’ve visited Portland and will probably meet up again later this summer. I just love all these connections – this is the beauty of the internet if you ask me.

I’m going to try and return to Texas late in the summer if I can, we’ll have to see how that goes. But if I do then I believe former Xangan Shae and Pastor David will have a drink and maybe a cigar with me in some ‘knock off’ British pub in Houston where the conversation may turn to how many ‘bad words’ we can think that start with M. I’m looking forward to that, and who knows maybe they’ll invite a few of the other people I’ve sparred with on Xanga like ‘Sir’ Reece who recently dubbed me a “block headed Brit.”

All in all I’ve had some fun on Xanga and I’ve gotten to know and meet some great people as a result. Long may that continue I say. I’m going to use a special plugin to this blogging software that will enable any posts I make here to appear on my old Xanga too, so hopefully a few of my old friends and subscribers back there will click the comment link which will bring them here to say whatever it is they want to say. Interactions and connections, that’s the name of the game. That’s what makes the internet a great place.