So Will and I have made it to Scotland, but things didn’t get off to the best of starts. As we left my place to go get the RV (100 miles away in Hull) we got pulled over by a traffic cop. Will was at the wheel of his Audi TT and had just joined the highway not more than about 3 miles from my house when I noticed he was, as ever, driving wickedly fast. I commented to him that he just doesn’t drive slowly anywhere and he laughed while replying that was true. Then I asked how fast he was actually going. “110 miles per hour” he responded, just as he spotted the traffic cop coming up behind with his blue flashing lights on. – Busted!

Fortunately the cop decided to give Will a break and called the speeding “under 100mph” which means that will gets a £60 fine and three penalty points on his license. A lucky escape by all accounts.

The RV is fun though after a couple of weeks of glorious weather it hasn’t stopped raining since we left my place. Last night we stayed close to a place called Amble on the East coast. I’ve never slept in an RV before so the whole experience was fun. Of course it was still raining this morning, and as I write this it is still raining now. But both Will and I are determined that whatever the weather we’ll have fun.

So far today we drove up toward Scotland, stopping (in England) on Holy Island in Northumberland. There was a castle and a priory to walk around, and of course that meant we got completely soaked! Now we’re camped out in a little town called North Berwick just south of Edinburgh, sat in a parking lot on some random wifi internet connection checking email and stuff. What geeks we are!